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Choose from a variety of PMU supplies carried exclusively at the Lash Supply Store

We are strongly committed to offering beauty solutions with the best convenience to our customers. That is why we offer a wide selection of Permanent Make-up solution tools or P.M.U. supply within our store. From hundreds of choices to browse, you can pick the ones that suit your needs and enjoy the best beauty tools the market has to offer.

Each of the tools has been manufactured by us with utmost care of the highest quality material. The P.M.U. tools last longer and help in adding precision to the extension process. Our excellent quality of products can be used multiple times and the P.M.U. tools are disposable or reusable depending on the product.

Our selection of P.M.U. supplies at the Lash Supply Store

  • Head cover disposable

For an uninterrupted eyelash extension process, headcover disposal in nature is the best bet. It keeps the hair away from the eyes offering no distractions during the extensions.

  • Lip practice skin

To practice lip extension, the lip practice skin available with us works as excellent training material. The close comparison with real skin terms of colour and texture add authenticity to the product.

  • Tattoo machine hook line bag

The tattoo machine hook line bag is of top-notch quality that allows a hygienic environment for a tattoo. It is safe to be used on skin and disposable after use.

  • Needles

We also carry sets of needles in our list of P.M.U. supply. They have been disinfected upon manufacture and are safe to be used on the skin.

  • Stirring rod

The premium quality stirring rod is a professional pick for mixing and setting the pigment on the skin.

  • Needle discard box

Be it for personal or professional use, bio waste like needles need to be disposed of properly. Our needle discard box is a safe and hygienic way of disposing of them without any risk of infection.

There are a lot more P.M.U. supply tools that are available on our website. Get your hands on our premium quality products for the best experience you can have. Please feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries or to check out our products.

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