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Eyelash extensions are essentially held in place with adhesives called eyelash glue. At the Lash Store Supply, you offer a wide range of eyelash glue for the best possible experience. Whether you are a professional or a do-it-yourself person, our picks in our store fulfil the requirements of all.

Depending upon the strengths of glue, the array of products offers varied capacities and our customers are free to make their choice based on their needs. Categories like strength, water resistance and staying power of each can be mixed and matched to fit what works for you.

Our products go beyond just the ordinary level of glue to provide an all-round solution for lash glue adhesives and debonders. We hold the highest standards of quality and safety with our products, and they live up to their stellar reputation among our loyal customers worldwide.

Lash glue products at the Lash Store Supply

  • Clear lash glue

A truly seamless finish to a precise eyelash extension is the magic of clear lash glue. We have a varied selection of clear lash glue for the perfect blend of your natural lashes with the extensions.

  • Lash glue remover

Just as important as getting the lashes in place, our store carries a wide range of debonders to take the glue off. The high-quality debonders are effective glue removers, keeping your delicate area around the eyes safe.

When you have multiple options to pick which lash glue remover works for you, we know we have done our job well. Lash glue removers are available with different consistencies and varieties to tackle different surfaces of lash glue spill.

  • Lash glue liner

Our store is focused on making your life easier with our premium products and the lash glue liners offer the best of ease. Our products have different holds in the pen for the precise application of glue to place the extensions perfectly on the eyelids.

Head over to the Lash Supply Store for the best lash glue products and accessories you need for lash extensions. We take our job of serving our customers the best way we can. Please feel free to reach out to us in case of any query or to pick up our products from our website.

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