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Volume Lash

Explore the best of voluminous clashes at the Lash Supply Store

Get ready to be introduced into the world of voluminous lashes that elevate your look to the next level. Being a mindful business, we take utmost care of using only the best quality and safely procured materials to manufacture our products. We are 100% real manufacturers of our products and look for an all-round way to serve our customers.

Our transparency of use of materials is proof of our wish to offer the best customer service that we can. The voluminous lashes we carry are made from a variety of materials, each one of them safe for the skin. Our premium quality makes each of our products long-lasting and allows our premade volume fan lashes to glide perfectly through multiple uses.

The size options for the volume lash are plenty, giving our customers a broad range to select from for their requirements. The prices have been set competitively with either matching up to any other price quote on the market or beat it!

Why should you go for our products?

  • Faux mink

We source the highest quality of faux mink for our voluminous eyelashes so add a touch of natural appearance upon wearing. It is also a durable material that allows you to get multiple uses out of it.

  • Blackest black

Our products live up to the highest expectations of our customers in terms of product quality. The premade volume fan lashes have been designed as darkest black to add to the authenticity that the user’s natural lashes have.

  • Stable curl

The firm curl on the ends of the volume lash define the shape of the eyes and naturally make the lashes look fuller. The curl stays stable for multiple uses so that there is no compromise with the volume.

  • No kink

Our premade volume fan lashes are the choice of every artist because of their seamless blend with the natural lashes. The smooth bristles of the eyelashes have no kinks to clump them for a clean finish.

The details of all our product lists are given on our website. Please feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries or to check out our products.

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