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Glue – Senorita – Sensitive Skin Glue
Glue – Senorita – Sensitive Skin Glue

Glue – Senorita – Sensitive Skin Glue

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Ideal: For Beginer & Experienced Lash Techs
Dry Time: 3 sec to 4 sec
Retention: up to 2 weeks
Viscosity: Thin
Flexibility: High

Great for Sensitive Skin’s Customers
Use for Volume & Classic Lashes
Working Conditions
Recommended temperature 66-77 degrees F (18-23 ° C) and humidity of 50-70% Shake well before every use.

Shelf Life
Glue should be opened within 6 months from production date. After opening, the shelf life of glue is 2 months. After this time, the glue begins to lose its properties and the adhesive strength decreases.

While lashing use a fresh glue drop every 10 minutes for best results

After opening, store the adhesives in a thermo bag.

This glue is only suitable for eyelash extensions (Not apply for Flare/Cluster/ Strip Lash) and for Professional Use Only.

It is important to offer your clients high end products that make the process enjoyable and makes them feel beautiful and coming back. We strive to bring you the most beautiful designs at affordable prices. Our glues have the most recommended 1 sec dry time and last the longest in the industry.


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