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Bottom lash
Bottom lash

Bottom lash


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Product specifications:
Thickness: 0.12 (Bottom Lashes)
Curl: J
Length: Mixed Length

100% Handmade, High Quality Korean synthetic PBT material, with a natural look.

Not Easily Deformed: Through new cutting-edge technology, the curvature can withstand high temperatures and maintain its beautiful curl in the toughest conditions.

The curvature meets industry standards. C curl eyelash extensions are a bit curlier than natural lashes for enhanced natural beauty. D curl eyelash extensions are a bit curlier than C curl lashes, making your lashes look more charming.

Easy to Use: The individual lashes can be easily removed from the strip, and the strips can easily be removed from the tray. With no residue and kinks, our bottom lashes are suitable for both freelance lash artists and salon use.


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