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0.07 – Color Lash
0.07 – Color Lash

0.07 – Color Lash


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Color Lash: Brown, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, White, Rainbow
Thickness: 0.07
Length: Mixed Length Tray
Curl: CC

Material: These volume color lash extensions are made of quality black PBT material. 100% handmade, soft, and lightweight, these lashes look as natural as your real lashes and feature a long-lasting curl.

The root of these volume lash extensions has been specially treated, so the unique sticky lash strip prevents the volume fans from separating at the base.

New colors of eyelash extension: Our new fashionable colors include: brown, pink, red, purple, blue, green, white, neon turquoise, rainbow, and more! Perfect for parties or cosplay, if you like dramatic and romantic eye effects, these bold eye colors will give you that extra flair!


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