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Step into the world of strip lashes available at wholesale rates.

Whether the lashes are used for personal or professional uses, the last supply store is here to take care of each type of customer. The multiplicity of rates available for our wholesale buyers is to encourage the professional purchase of our highest standard products.

A large variety of lashes are available on our online store with numerous choices of materials. Two of our most favourite and best-selling products include mink strip lashes and silk strip lashes. We are 100% original manufacturers and keep the highest standards of quality in the process.

Our list of wholesale rates has been carefully created keeping in mind the requirements of our customers. The brackets of each provided have been priced nominally to make them one of the most affordable wholesale strip lashes for your professional or business needs.

What’s special about wholesale strip lash at the Lash Supply Store?

 Knot free technology

We use the latest and high-tech knot-free technology for manufacturing the lashes for a seamless blend of the extensions with natural lashes. It avoids a clumpy look and sits just right in the eyes defining it better.

  • 3D designed multi-layered

We adopt only the best available design technology and the 3D design of the strip lashes add a fuller look to the lashes. The multi-layered feature is to add a voluminous touch with multiple lashes in the same strip.

  • Curl technology

Each of the wholesale strip lashes has been carefully crafted with curl technology so that the lashes never appear flat. It gives the lashes an elongated look.

  • Reusable up to 10 times

Our wholesale strip lashes not only are unbeatable in terms of cost but also in value as they can be reused up to 10 times. This allows the user to get their money’s worth from our product.

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear

We have also taken the comfort of our customers into account with lightweight lashes that do not weigh your eyes down. They are comfortable enough to be worn for hours without being agitated.

You can check out the wholesale rates for different types of strip lashes on our online store depending on your quantity needs. Please feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries or to check out our products.

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